Our Values

Poppy Botanicals is an herbal skin care company that aims to educate and empower others through the healing intelligence of plants. We use traditional herbal preparations to produce skin care products that allow the skin and body to remember their natural state of health and beauty through assimilating raw plant nutrients. Every Poppy Botanicals creation contains a synergistic blend of botanical ingredients that are grown, harvested, and extracted with passion and love.

Poppy Botanicals is devoted to a life defined by what we find growing in the soil and fueled by synthesizing these organic compounds into accessible healing potions for humans. Poppy Botanicals offers a simple and real connection to nature.   

Our Founder

For Poppy Botanicals' founder Colleen Bingham Solis, herbalism is both a passion and a career, allowing her to channel her love of nature into her everyday life. 

With her 10+ years as a natural product formulator focused on incorporating botanical extracts into skin care, Colleen now provides plant-based formulation support for existing and emerging beauty and wellness brands worldwide. Poppy Botanicals is the repository for her most precious creations. 

You can learn with Colleen by watching her do-it-yourself YouTube channel, or by taking a course at herbnerd.com

Our Community

For nearly 15 years, Poppy Botanicals has been based in the San Francisco Bay Area, cultivating relationships with farmers, artists, and natural product retailers.

All of our products contain botanical extracts made from organic and/or sustainably harvested herbs grown by members of our community.

Local artist (and Poppy Botanicals customer) Danielle Onesto created all watercolor artwork on our labels.

Visit one of our local retail partners to sample our products and support small businesses:

Rosemary's Garden | Sebastopol, Ca
Salvarae | Gualala, Ca
Altamont General Store | Occidental, Ca
Branch Line | Santa Rosa, Ca