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Our Founder's Story

Colleen Bingham, a California native, began developing her first products as a young  child, playing with soaps and perfumes found in cupboards. As an adult  she discovered that every ingredient was special and had its own story from where it was grown and when it was harvested. These unique stories taught her that the source and quality of each ingredient would define her health and her impact on the planet. She learned how to refine her choices in the food she ate and the products she bought to slather on  her skin. Then in 2010, she signed up for her first herbal studies class, made her first batch of natural skincare, and began her journey as a product formulator and herbalist. Colleen's knowledge of whole plant medicine fused with her topical formulations resulted in the development of POPPY BOTANICALS. Colleen is also Lab Manager, Medicine Maker and an Instructor at The California School of Herbal Studies, and is developing and producing natural, plant based beauty products for companies nationwide.  

Our Mission

POPPY BOTANICALS aims to educate and inspire others about the healing intelligence of plants. We use traditional herbal preparations to produce beauty + remedy products that allow the skin and body to assimilate to its most natural state of health and beauty. All of our handcrafted products contain 100% non-toxic and all-nourishing ingredients and are made with passion and knowledge about the power of plants.    

POPPY BOTANICALS is devoted to a life defined by what we find growing in the soil and fueled by synthesizing these organic components into accessible healing  potions for everyone. In our fast moving, high tech world, POPPY BOTANICALS’ offers a simple and real connection to nature.   

POPPY BOTANICALS is named after the beautiful California Poppy flower, which can be found all over the state from spring to fall. The golden bloom was traditionally used medicinally, cosmetically, and in cooking by Native Americans and is now the official state flower of California, where POPPY BOTANICALS and its founder, were born.   

Our Ingredients

Every plant based ingredient used in POPPY BOTANICALS is chosen with clear intention to highlight and utilize the innate healing power of plants. Therefore, in our products you will never find  'water' as a key ingredient, but rather hydrosol, or gentle floral waters, which are the byproduct of steam distilled essential oil production. We also preserve products with grape alcohol-herbal extracts, or tinctures, to further introduce as many healing & protecting plant properties to the skin as possible.    

Herbs and flowers used in formulas are grown at organic farms in Northern California. From seed to sprout to bloom, when the time is right ingredients are hand harvested and extracted into various oils, grape alcohol, plant glycerine, and essences that are folded into each POPPY BOTANICALS product.   

POPPY BOTANICALS’ signature is that each batch is slightly different in fragrance and  properties depending on the season and time of year when herbs and flowers are foraged and collected. We call this seasonal herbalism, like a farmer’s market for natural skincare.   


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